Fading for Cover-up Tattoos

laser tattoo removal brainerd minnesotaBrainerd Tattoo Removal offers fading for patients interested in getting a cover-up tattoo. A cover-up tattoo is exactly what it sounds like – it's a tattoo that covers or conceals a pre-existing tattoo with a completely new design or by incorporating new elements to the original artwork.

Without laser tattoo removal, cover-up tattoos require double the amount of ink in order to completely mask the original tattoo. Heavily pigmented tattoos are generally more difficult to conceal, while faded, older tattoos are easier to cover up. Since tattoos in preparation for a cover-up can only be covered with the same or darker ink, it is very helpful for the tattoo to be faded.

Laser tattoo removal prior to a cover-up session can create a cleaner canvas for your tattoo artist to work on, ultimately giving them more flexibility with their design. Furthermore, most tattoos only need 1 to 3 treatments to be lightened in preparation for a cover-up!

If you care about your skin and want the best outcome for your cover-up tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a great solution for you. We have a strong partnership with 6th Street Tattoo and can connect you with one of their talented cover-up artists – simply call our office or ask your laser technician to get connected!

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